About David Briggs

David Briggs obtained a Ph.D. in Science at the University of Queensland in 1990. He has been teaching drawing and colour theory at Sydney's Julian Ashton Art School since 1996. Other significant teaching positions have included six years as the life drawing instructor for Disney in Australia (from 2000), and Lecturer in drawing at Sydney's Billys Blue School of Graphic Arts (2006 - 2010). A selection of his drawings may be viewed at


Upcoming Courses


Anatomy for Life Drawing
A five-day workshop at the National Art School, Sydney. 10 am - 4.30 pm daily.
July 1st-5th, 2013.

Oil Painting with Colour and Light
Twelve Tuesday evenings at the National Art School, Sydney, 6-9 pm.
Tuesday evenings, 26th February - 28th May, 2013.
Tuesday evenings, 16th July - 15th October.


Colour, Light and Vision workshop
A five-day workshop, 9.15 am - 3.30 pm daily. Illustrated lectures , demonstrations, and practical exercises. Includes coverage of the Munsell System and its application to observing and mixing colour.
Next dates at Ashton's:
Monday - Friday 23rd-27th September 2103
Monday - Friday 16th-20th December 2013
This workshop also runs privately at other dates for small groups - contact me for details!

Evening Life/Still Life Painting.
Ten evenings at the Julian Ashton Art School, Sydney, 6.15 - 9.00 pm, now with a choice of the Monday and Friday night poses. 10 week figure poses (or still life if preferred) in controlled, dramatic lighting. Includes short lectures on scientific colour theory and its application. Beginning to advanced painters welcome. Previous drawing experience recommended.
Next terms begin:
Monday 15th July 2013
Friday 19th July 2013